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  • I used to heart Mac

    I used to be a firm Mac supporter when they were the underdog. This was a time when Microsoft and its Windows dominated the PC marketplace. And yet I still found myself using Windows powered machines for work, school, or personal reasons, that is, until I bought my first Mac. The iBook G4, the last […]

  • Why I’m not buying an Apple watch

    The question should really be: why is *anyone* buying an Apple watch? The first wrist watches to have computerized and connectivity features have been around since the late 90s. The missing link was an intermediary device such as a smart phone, which only recently reached ubiquity after 2007. By my count, Apple is at the […]

  • Apple Pay Is New to You

    Google wallet and other NFC-based payment services have been around for quite some time. Apple pay is only new if you’ve never tapped a card or phone to a pay terminal. In those rare cases where one can tap-n-pay, it’s often baffling to the cashiers or cabbies accepting the payments. Why is everyone so averse […]

  • Why I might switch back to Windows

    For those using a modern desktop computer, you would usually fall under one of two camps, the Mac user or the Windows user. For those using one or the other, you likely started with one, either upgrading to the latest version or not, or you are a convert having switched your allegiance at some point. […]

  • Secure Chrome Profile

    I finally decided to use Chrome as a usual browser about a year ago today. One of Chrome’s short-comings is security, not from websites or remote intrusions, but from local users. If you want to have the convenience of syncing bookmarks and history and chrome app shortcuts between devices and computers, you have virtually no […]

  • The linear web

    The internet is vast. It encompasses so many realms that were once only reachable via tangible items and places. That of course is no longer the case. We can purchase physical goods with the click of a button—gone are the markets of old. Social interactions are personified by the posting of pictures and sharing of […]

  • Lucid Dream

    I had this very lucid dream about fairies and vampires. February 13th, 2010, my mind made up this pretty scene: fairies vs vampires.fairies look human with a few extra human powers.fairies are bound to the planet like any other being of this realm.fairies live long immortal-like lives and cannot be turned to vampires but can […]

  • Religion is Poison

    Regarding the following quote of Mao Zedong, Chinese communist president during the 1950s: “… but of course, religion is poison. It has two great defects: It undermines the race …(and) retards the progress of the country. Tibet and Mongolia have both been poisoned by it.” First, it is worth noting that this comment was made […]

  • Crazy People

    In dictionaries, the word “crazy” is an adjective, first defined as mentally deranged; demented; insane. The last definition is defined as having an unusual, unexpected, or random quality, behavior, result, pattern, etc. Now examine the crazy man on the street. He walks with rugged furs, wreaks of urine and rank body odor, and spouts out words of insanity. […]

  • Parents

    It has become apparent that many people have this irrational obsession with wanting to be loved by their parents and to a point the reciprocal of being loved by one’s children. This is however irrational and the moment of realization happened when I discovered the truth—we’re all just people. While many parents and offspring do […]