Lucid Dream

I had this very lucid dream about fairies and vampires. February 13th, 2010, my mind made up this pretty scene:

fairies vs vampires.
fairies look human with a few extra human powers.
fairies are bound to the planet like any other being of this realm.
fairies live long immortal-like lives and cannot be turned to vampires but can be killed.

the story:
this particular night the vampires are after the fairies to destroy them once and for all (as fairies protect humans) and a vampire prophecy says to do so.
the fairies have a prophecy that tells of a man, once known to the fairies but lost, who either unites or leads them successfully against the vampires. vague prophecy, right?

parts of the sequence:
hold up in castle-like hotel with many doors leading to the keep.
the hotel’s rear is completely exposed with a long path leading away from the hotel and to a cliff. below the cliff is a river that runs through the rest of the city.
vampires over run the hotel and fairies plus man escape by diving off the cliff and into the water. the fairies turn into dolphins and carry the man away to safety. it’s in the water that the man realizes he once was one of them. one of them is a lost love.