I used to heart Mac

I used to be a firm Mac supporter when they were the underdog. This was a time when Microsoft and its Windows dominated the PC marketplace. And yet I still found myself using Windows powered machines for work, school, or personal reasons, that is, until I bought my first Mac. The iBook G4, the last of its kind, was an Apple-made laptop running Motorola’s G4 computer processor. I cobbled together enough money to get one from eBay, second-hand of course. When she arrived, it was like a bright new world had opened me up. What better way to acclimate myself with the underdog? About ten years have passed, and now I have a MacMini, MacBook, my beloved iBook, and my work iMac. Things really have changed. Did I have anything to do with that? Probably not. What I did to support the underdog–got new hardware, spoke to a new user interface–wasn’t a fad, it wasn’t cool or posh, but it was quaint or perhaps neonerd.

Now it seems time to try something new again, to cheer for the underdog again, to get excited for, and learn new things. So what are my options? I could revert to Windows, using its latest iteration Windows 10. It certainly has seen improvements over the years, some forward thinking, and changes in business models. However, we are not trying to go back to anything tried and true. That might also mean that ubuntu, my favorite Linux flavor, is out of the running. What about a new Linux distribution? I regularly use the command-line for centos, mint, arch, debian, raspian, et al. Just does not feel right, assuming that I want something fresh.

There are hosts of legacy and forgotten operating systems and computers, but while it will be new to me, it won’t be relevant to the world nor anyone on my level. Chromebooks? Quantum computing? Bio-computing? I wonder what are some new players…

I just searched via Google, and I had trouble finding new operating systems in the wild. Maybe I’ll try Bing and Yahoo later. The closest thing to an underdog at this point might be a mobile operating system like SailfishOS or Tizen, but why would I force myself to things already dominated by android and iOS? Me confunde.