My Currents 2016

Currently on my smartphone…

I have the Nexus 5, and I run stock Android OS. I use the Swype keyboard (because I’m a sucker for originals).

Apps for connected things…

AnyMote (Bluetooth IR blaster)
Philips Hue (my lights)
ThinkEco modlet (smart outlet for air conditioners)
Muzzley (many smart APIs in one app)
WeMo (smart outlet, not a good app though)
Pebble (kickstarter 1st gen smart watch)
Roku (remote for the tiny stick)
Sense (kickstarter sleep tracker)
Tile (true story, I actually swept the building, floor by floor, looking for my girlfriend’s keys, having worked our way from the sixth to the first floor, we finally found it in a neighbor’s possession since she left it in the main door; sorry hunny.)
Alexa (or Amazon Echo, a bit of an identity crisis there, but built well enough to add an incredible amount of functionality. I have hope.)