Circumstance and the Domino Effect

Have you ever wondered how we became the people we are today? Have you ever thought about why you think the way you think? Most people do not, or they do but in only the most generic sense. Imagine the universe as a giant domino setup, where there are millions if not infinite possibilities of turns and twists the collapses could take. Imagine then that each of these dominos is a ball in outer space. The balls themselves then never stop. Once the first ball becomes active, it never ceases to affect the other balls in its path. Like this example, we are the results of a seemingly infinite number of these domino-ball collisions. From conception our cells begin dividing and do not stop until death. If one of the thousands of genes mixed with another gene, then you would invariably be another person. Similarly if your mother were to constantly belittle you instead of continually congratulate you, a different person you will become. It is this reason that every experience, no matter how great or small, affects you. I’m hoping that this blog and later book will help people to understand that very domino effect, appreciating the millions of collisions that came before to create the proverbial “cogito ergo sum” that is you and me.

This realization may be hard for many to accept. We would like to feel that we are in control, and to a certain degree we are not. We have been programmed with a certain set of rules and principles that we follow. We constantly change these views depending on the circumstances that we become exposed to. It is also in this light that the networking theories prove to be somewhat true, that there are only six degrees of separation between any being and any atom in the universe.